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Your Roadmap To Education 2.0 Conference:
The Digital Showguide

Dive into the arena of education with our conference's digital Showguide, highlighting some of our most successful past editions to serve as your indispensable companion, offering an immersive view of the transformative discussions, innovations, and thought leadership that have shaped the global education conference.


Take a guided tour through our comprehensive agenda, explore our impressive roster of distinguished speakers, and delve into the remarkable achievements of our honorees. Our collection of insightful articles provides a deep dive into the latest trends in education, shedding light on the innovative tools that are redefining the field. Explore now!

Education USA 2024


The 2024 edition of the Education 2.0 Conference, held in the heart of the USA, was an eye-opening event. Alongside informative keynotes, panel discussions, and fireside chats, this year's conference featured special sessions such as Business Card Exchange and Showstopper Session that made it stand out. These unique sessions not only offered great networking opportunities but also made this education event a huge success. Dive into our Digital Showguide to discover all the highlights and insights from this year's Education 2.0 Conference!

Spring (Dubai 2023) Edition

The Spring Edition of our education conference was an event, brimming with diverse experiences, a meticulously curated agenda featuring enlightening sessions, and a plethora of opportunities for growth. But wait, there's even more to discover! Delve into the highlights by following this exclusive Showguide right from the heart of the conference action!


Winter (USA 2022) Edition

The Winter Edition of this top education conference was a gathering of visionaries and leaders who are pioneering change within the education industry. Diving into trending subjects and themes, the agenda provided a bird’s eye view of the education arena. However, this isn’t where it ends. Explore more through our exclusive Showguide!

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